Monday, May 5, 2008

Tanned Girl Wearing Pampers


babygirl said...

Hi baby girl, I see you that you are so cute with your nappy diaper. I like your Pampers nappy diaper. I never saw that. I have favorite Tinker Bell nappy diaper and love to wear on. I want to be a baby girl and love nappy diaper. I take cloth diaper with my frilly or rumba baby pants on. I am favorite kid diaper are Luv, Huggie and Pamper and now for an adult baby nappy diapers to wear on to be a baby girl. I am very polite to a girl and no naughty. Thank you.

luvs boy said...

This is not real!!its fake!!

luvs boy said...

you can see she is fat!!lol! U need adult diapers form abuniverse. Com.and bambino diapers. Com.try it!!

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